Electrolytic nickel plating technology has developed extensively, especially in the last 50 years, in order to ensure the efficient production of industrial coatings used in decorative and industrial applications in a wide range of uses. Nickel is very valuable commercially, the plating industry uses more than 150,000 tons of nickel per year worldwide.
This widespread use reflects nickel's useful properties and versatility.
In many important applications, decorative nickel plating serves two roles: to impart improved corrosion resistance or functional properties.
It also provides excellent adhesion properties for subsequent coating layers; therefore it is often used as a "primer" for other coatings such as nickel, chrome.
Electroplated nickel is widely used in the consumer goods industry due to its attractiveness to increase utility, value and sales.
As an example of usage areas; automotive, motorcycle and commercial vehicle components, as well as faucets and bathroom fixtures, door and cabinet fixtures, metal furniture, household appliances and consumer electronics.