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Değer Galvano Metal Kaplama

Half a Century of Experience

As Değer Galvano Metal Kaplama, we have been operating in the metal plating industry since 1984.

In the light of half a century of experience, we have always carried out our processes in line with the special demands of our customers.

By taking on the critical role that metal plating plays for the industry, we have both protected materials against corrosion and added aesthetics to them.

As a concept, we provide services 24 hours a day, 6 days a week for both your serial fabrication products and your boutique requests.

Basic Applications on Coating

Currently in our business; decorative nickel plating, decorative chrome plating, acid zinc plating, zinc phosphate coating, manganese phosphate coating We apply processes.

At the same time, we perform sanding and polishing processes for a better coating in our polishing workshop.

As a concept, we provide services for both your serial fabrication products and your boutique requests.

We use hanger and drum type applications in our coating processes.

We are working on the types of coatings we aim to add to our capabilities, within this framework, we care about the opinions of our customers and evaluate their needs.

We closely follow the issues of sustainability and energy efficiency, which have become the focus of the industry today, and design our processes in this perspective.

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