Nickel in Turkey

Nickel Reserve in Turkey

Nickel reserves have been determined in many different parts of Anatolia, which is suitable for nickel mineralization due to its geological location. The largest nickel deposits are found in Manisa and Eskişehir provinces. Moreover; Nickel deposits have been detected in various places. Economic and exploitable nickel formations are Manisa-Çaldağ, Manisa-Gördes and Eskişehir-Mihalıççık-Yunus Emre mines.

Since the ores in other regions are of low grade, their operation is not economical for now. The private sector initiatives, which started with the rapid rise in nickel prices in the 2000s, have brought momentum to nickel mining. Nickel mining in our country has been carried out by a few private companies in recent years, and the total known nickel ore reserve is approximately 40 million tons, of which approximately 30 million tons are located in the Manisa-Çaldağ field. In Turkey, the most nickel is found in the Çaldağ region.

In other words, nickel, whose name we have not heard much, or even some of us have never heard of, is actually in every moment of our lives. Titanium and nickel alloys will continue to be used in the upcoming period. Nickel can show acidification resistance to air. For this reason, it is very common in the production of many alloys that we can think of. Its value in the world is increasing day by day due to its easy processing feature. Nickel is one of the raw materials of stainless steels used in our country.