We Joined The All Surface Treatments Association (TÜYİDER)

We became a member of TÜYİDER in order to evaluate new business potentials, to establish sector-based collaborations, to be included in the sector network and to contribute and benefit.
We aim to assume responsibilities related to our sector by adopting an inclusive, participatory and interactive approach.
We will participate in professional and social awareness-raising development organizations on needed issues.
We will establish solution-oriented and developing dialogues with public and local governments.
Regarding various legal regulations and sector updates such as economic developments, investments, occupational safety, environmental norms and restrictions, investment incentives, which are closely related to our sector.
before the relevant institutions and organizations; we will monitor, manage and direct in line with the interests of our environment and our industry.
We will benefit from important sector-wide statistical information needed by the public and private sectors.
We will be able to obtain the technical and commercial support we need more easily.